Meeting Minutes-April 24, 2016

First 2016 APIQS Meeting Notes (April 24, 2016)

In attendance:
Mai Tran
Jennifer Li
Hong Luong
Anch Thompson
Lan Van
Alyssa Lee

Mission Statement
We are here for the mental, social, and cultural support of API people in the group.

Our space is for women, gender non-conforming people, and trans folks. We agree that there are already spaces available for cis-gendered API men via AQUA and Khush.

We have decided to change the ‘S’ in APIQS from ‘sisters’ to ‘society,’ (courtesy Anch’s suggestion, and with the endorsement of the group) changing our name to Asian Pacific Islander Queer Society. We agree to make this a women and and non gender-conforming centric space.

Group Events
We are going to focus on social and cultural events, since there are other groups covering political events, such as API Resistance. We will participate in political events out of solidarity but it will not be our main focus.

We may hold events for, or provide the support to, cultural minorities that approach us so they can feel safe and included in our space.

Group event ideas:
– Potluck
– Karaoke
– Lunar New Years events
– Picnic
– BBQ, Thai festival
– Clothing swaps where we donate the remaining items to an organization like DVRP or other women’s org
– Skill share workshops
– Volunteering as a group at soup kitchens or at DVRP or Northern Virginia Family Service
– Movie Screenings: Debs, Saving Face, Spider Lilies, My Mother Likes Women, various animes with queer women, the many movies in Hong’s collection
– Group discussions: mental health, racism, coming out to our families, bi issues, trans issues, Asian fetishization
– Ramen night
– Hotpot night
– Art therapy day

Upcoming events
We plan on going to the monthly lesbian happy hours to try to get the word out about APIQS and to have an event that our members can go to meet fellow APIQS folks.

May 20: Lesbian Happy Hour (someone who is still a member of this group send around the time and place?)
May 21: Dragon boat festival picnic/ APIQS kickoff at Georgetown waterfront
Anch is going to be rowing and we’ll be cheering her on and stuffing our faces! This will be potluck style, and we’ll ask people for a $5 donation during the event so we can continue to put on more events. We’ll play games like taboo, head on, charades, and maybe have piggyback races.

June: DC Pride! Are we going to march and have a table? It’s $315 for the parade and $341 for a table. Are we going to have a new logo for a banner? We’ll reach out to Khush and AQUA about sharing the fees and space.

Should we collect money from membership? We agreed that we should ask for donations on event by event basis, starting with the upcoming APIQS kickoff picnic.

Should we start doing fundraising and apply for grants? NQAPIA has offered to pay the fee for queer API groups to table at API cultural events (not for DC Pride).

Social media and Website
Twitter: Jennifer will set up the APIQS Twitter account as APIQSDC. We’ll start tweeting and promoting events on Twitter. (@APIQSDC)

Facebook: We’ll start posting more on our Facebook group, and posting events on there so our members will see that we’re active again

Website: Our web address expired, so we’re going to set up a WordPress website to host all of our info, upcoming and past events, board info, etc. Hong is familiar with WordPress and will set up the APIQSDC website. (


Email: We can transition the email list over to Action Network. Jennifer can create emails for the group and we can start emailing our group about upcoming events and news.

Next Steps
Next meeting: May 15th (tentative), at Hong’s place. Mai will come up with the meeting itinerary.

New logo: We will ask our members to submit new logo designs for APIQS by May 15th (after we have finalized the mission statement and made the announcement on Facebook), so we can all vote on and see which designs our members like. They can post the designs straight to the group page.

Mai will talk to AQUA and Khush about pride, write up the new mission statement, and write the May 15th itinerary.

Jennifer will announce the logo redesign contest on Facebook after we’ve finalized our mission statement, send out the meeting notes from April 24, and set up the Twitter account.

Hong will set up our new WordPress site and host the next meeting.

Lan will check on finances and ask Cynthia about any remaining funds in our account for future events.